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CREATE A VARIETY OF SPACES - unlimited contents

Whatever the content your spirit imagine, it can be featured in a stage of your event. For your attendees, it's like walking in your worlds and playing with different arts.
a door to your worlds

Each stream stage features the stream flux you send to us. It can be a livestream of your DJ, a concert, or any kind of other performances, a live or a pre-recorded video. Create an immersive set of light, a set of decoration representing your identity, the only limit is the one of your imagination.

For your attendee, they can swich their stage in a clic, each one being featured at the bottom of their screen. By passing their mouse on the button, they get an overview before entering


Non-streaming stages contributing to the whole experience are available. A timetable room, where the programm of each room is displayed, a shopping stage where people can buy merchandising or make donations, and a WC room where it's possible to meet new people and graph on the walls !