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virtual events are the new way of engaging people

Try connexions between virtual events and real physical ones. You will improve your digital reach and increase your physical audience.
Tease about your
upcoming event

Before the door opening of your real event, virtual warm-up can be a high experiencing way to increase your reach and sell real tickets.


You can organise a "virtual road" to the real event, composed with a succession of dj sets and artists part of the final timetable. 

Imagine, some hour before the door opening, a virtual warm up to i make discover some part of the scenography and increase the last minute ticket sales.

Many kinds of contents are possible to increase awaraness about your events, let's be creative !

Turn your event in several versions

Your event can be duplicate in digital version. While real attendee are enjoying a live experience, other people, wherever they are, can attend your event in a virtual way.

If your event is sold-out, you can stream your event on our platform with an entrance fee and increase your revenue. If not, you can still add a digital audience to your real one with a free virtual event. You will increase your event awareness without any kinds of borders.