Create engaging online music events for your communities
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Built for live music experience

Why We're Great >

Designed for social engagement

Why We're Great >

Supported by a dedicated team

Why We're Great >


Specifically built for music events


Multi Stages 

Several stages can run simultaneously within a same event. Create a variety of floors, artistic performances, activities and atmospheres.


Countdown & Reminder

As soon as your event is set up on our platform, your portal will run a countdown until the opening with the possibility to subscribe to get a reminder notification before the start !



At any time, users can consult the timetable displayed on the interface to find out who’s playing and what’s the running order !


Bring your community together


Video Dancerooms 

Attendees can create or join video-rooms to chat/dance together and use funny effects to set a festive atmosphere. They can make it public or private to enjoy with friends or meet people ! 


Wall Of Fame

Based on opt-in, attendees will get a chance to be broadcasted on the wall of fame during 15 seconds making the overall atmosphere hoter !



Public can react to the live using emojis, a simple way to quickly engage and measure viewers sentiment and interest. 


Public chat

That's the feature where people gauge the general atmosphere or share information. Staff and artists can interact directly with the public here. 



The place for shitty talks and graph on the walls. We cannot assure you that people will not come in pairs ...


Test new business models


Unlike traditional streams, the experience providing here is strong enough to legitimate a entrance fee. Guess what, we also are a music event ticketing service, so payment solution is already on board !


Free Trial 

Convert your hesitant audience with free trial allowing users to experience xx minutes of free watching before asked to pay or make a donation to keep watching and enjoying. 



If your event is free we can feature a “donation bar” where people can cheer and support by “buying” a virtual drink as a donation ! 



If you have some merchandising or tickets for upcoming events to sell, we can create a shopping room within the event.


Livestreaming that works

Stream Reliability & Quality


Good news, it’s as easy as streaming on Facebook but way more reliable, you just need to plug our stream key in your stream software, we guarantee your event will be live with no interruption !

Technical Support


Unlike the big bad guys, we’re real humans you can talk to. Our team is flexible and attentive to your needs. We provide technical support and share throughout the process.

Let's be creative.

Extend your live experience and create new opportunities to communicate.


Tease and reveal your upcoming event

Organize virtual warm-up to increase the last minute ticket sales

Decline a virtual version of your event when it's sold out and gain a new digital audience across the world

Organize an official virtual aftershow when your audience is back home but still on fire

Offer exclusive content to the fans such as behind the scenes, meet&greet with the artists ... 

Give worldwide medias access to interview the artists or to attend to your press conference

Here are just few examples of what you could do !

Ready to hit the road Jack ?

“Thank you sooo much!! This has been one of the best fests ever ! The platform to the talent and anyone who helped with the tech and partnerships to produce this, I can’t thank you enough. I hope to enjoy a festival like this again in the future as it is on the list of great musical experiences of my life”